Stop Ontario Ag-Gag Bill 156

Stop Ontario Ag-Gag Bill 156

The Ontario government is trying to push through dangerous ag-gag legislation intended to conceal cruelty on farms. Bill 156 would make it illegal for whistleblowers to expose animal cruelty on farms, in slaughterhouses and during transport.

The vast majority of a farmed animal’s life is spent behind closed doors, away from public view, yet Ontario’s animal protection laws rely on a report of cruelty or neglect before an inspection is even conducted. This is why whistleblowers are necessary to protect the welfare of farmed animals.

Footage shot at farms, slaughterhouses and during transport routinely shows animals subjected to abuse, neglect and unsanitary conditions. But rather than conducting inspections for compliance, enforcing existing animal welfare regulations and ensuring the proper treatment of farmed animals, the Ontario government is seeking to hide the cruelty by preventing whistleblowers and journalists from reporting it.

Instead of protecting animals (and workers), this government is choosing to protect the interests of Big Ag.

Register your opposition by submitting your comments on the official website by 6:00 PM EDT, June 9th, 2020.

If you live in Ontario, ask your MPP to vote “no” on Bill 156. (Find your MPP here.)