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Help us help Canadian farm animals!

CETFA heavily relies on volunteers and supporters to reach others about the plight of Canadian farm animals. Below are several ways in which you can help make a difference for animals in your community. Please let us know how your events went and send us photos if possible!

  • Use your social networking sites as animal advocacy tools. Post photos and videos from the CETFA Flickr page and YouTube channel, as well as action alerts we send. Encourage your friends to do likewise. Include the CETFA website address in your e-mail signature.
  • Write letters to the editor and comment on online media articles.
  • Host a free screening of Global National’s documentary “REVEALED: No Country for Animals”featuring the work of CETFA and the plight of farm animals in Canada. You will need to find and book a venue (university, church, local business, community center, etc.), date andtime for the screening. Make sure that the venue has a screen and can accommodate audio-visual material(video projector and DVD player). Book the audio-visual material well ahead of time. Once this is done,advertise your event as widely as you can through: emails, social networking groups (Facebook, Twitter,etc.), listservs, chatrooms, meetups, blogs, newsletters, oral announcements at community classes, posters,handbills, etc. Print the CETFA “Food Facts factsheets” for people to take at the end of the screening. ps:“REVEALED: No Country for Animals” can be shown in public venues as long as the screening is free.Contact us with your date, time and venue information, and we will send you the documentary DVD.Revealed: No country for animals
  • Set up an information table for CETFA at local public venues and events: Search for upcoming local events (festivals, concerts, fairs, conferences, etc.) or venues allowing groups and individuals to set up information tables (local mall, bookstore, coffee store, high schools, college campuses, etc.). Contact the events’ organizer or venue manager and enquire about permit and regulations.Print the CETFA “Food Facts factsheets” and a copy of the latest CETFA newsletter to offer as resources forpeople to take. Have a sign-up sheet to collect the name and email of people wishing to receive the CETFA newsletter. You can also print some pictures from our Flickr page to have on display. Additionally, if you have access to a computer and the internet, you could play videos from the CETFA YouTube channel and get people to sign online petitions related to our campaigns. Candies in a bowl might be a nice addition to draw people to your table!CETFA display
  • Set up a display at your local library: Public libraries usually have display cases that members can use to educate others about issues that concern them. Contact your local library and ask them if they provide such a opportunity, and book the display case with them if possible. You can make an easy, informative display to educate others about farm animals by doing a collage or poster using pictures printed from the CETFA Flickr website and the CETFA“Food Facts factsheets”. Join appropriate books from the library! Do not forget to document your display and to send us pictures.
  • Start, and promote, an online petition pertinent to an issue CETFA is working on:This is a great way to show public support for increase animal welfare, and can easily be done using one of the many free online petitions sites.
  • Start a local animal protection group: Use the power of a team to help spread awareness about issues concerning Canadian farm animals, putting into action any (or all) of the ideas listed on this page.