CETFA in Calgary for World Animal Day

CETFA in Calgary for World Animal Day

This Saturday, October 4, countless individuals and groups from all over the world will celebrate World Animal Day.

World Animal Day was started by a group of ecologists in Italy in 1931 to bring awareness about endangered species. It is now an annual, international event held to celebrate all animals and to seek greater animal welfare standards worldwide.

While significant improvements are needed for all animals – from dogs and cats to wild species – farmed animals constitute 95% of the animals who suffer at the hands of humans. Farmed animals are also unfortunately the most overlooked group whose suffering is often discounted.

In the fight to help farmed animals, public education and providing steps we can all take to help farmed animals are key. It is in this way that we can make real and lasting change for the animals.

To this end, CETFA is participating in a day of celebration and education in Calgary on October 4. Our talk will focus on strategies to help Canada’s 705 million farmed animals and how you can become involved.

If you are in the Calgary area, please join us on October 4 at the Plaza Theatre, 1133 Kensington Road NW, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For those unable to come, we encourage you to visit the official website of “World Animal Day” at for other ways to get involved and events happening in your area.

For the animals,

The CETFA Team